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Coat of Arms

Ukrainian regional and city coat of arms

Here is the full list of Ukrainian coat of arms of regions and cities. Here are the coat of arms Ukrainian regions and cities. Sumy Oblast . Vinnytsia Oblast . Kyiv Oblast . Kirovohrad Oblast . Luhansk Oblast . Cherkasy Oblast . Chernihiv Oblast . Chernivtsi Oblast . Donetsk Oblast . Kherson Oblast . Khmelnytskyi… Read More »

Why the Tryzub can be found on many Italian Regiment coat of arms

If you ever wondered why 15 Italian Regiments featured the Ukrainian Tryzub in their coat of arms, then here is the explanation. In the Italian military heraldry, the Ukrainian Tryzub is the symbol given to the units that fought against Russia during World War II, July 1941 – January 1945, this symbol of witness to… Read More »