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Ukrainian regional and city coat of arms

Here is the full list of Ukrainian coat of arms of regions and cities. Here are the coat of arms Ukrainian regions and cities. Sumy Oblast . Vinnytsia Oblast . Kyiv Oblast . Kirovohrad Oblast . Luhansk Oblast . Cherkasy Oblast . Chernihiv Oblast . Chernivtsi Oblast . Donetsk Oblast . Kherson Oblast . Khmelnytskyi… Read More »

Why the Tryzub can be found on many Italian Regiment coat of arms

If you ever wondered why 15 Italian Regiments featured the Ukrainian Tryzub in their coat of arms, then here is the explanation. In the Italian military heraldry, the Ukrainian Tryzub is the symbol given to the units that fought against Russia during World War II, July 1941 – January 1945, this symbol of witness to… Read More »

Varenyky recipe with a Mediterranean twist

Being veterinarian and part Italian and part Ukrainian I came up with a little twist on the traditional Ukrainian pierogi (varenyky). Instead of serving with just melted butter and onion try adding rosemary and sage leaves which crispen up nicely in the butter to add extra texture and taste to an already wonderful dish.

Ukrainian Tryzub technical drawing construction lines

The symbol of Ukraine is a trident called the Tryzub, this technical drawing shows the construction lines, download and print free A4 artwork DOWNLOAD PDF A4 IMAGE ➼

Lavender infused Ukrainian vodka recipe

Ukrainian vodka

Best time to pick lavender is when a third of the flower has opened and third about to open and a third still unopened. Always use Culinary lavender like  Lavandula angustifolia (sometimes sold as L. officinalis or L. vera), Hidcote or L. intermedia. Never use a decorative lavender as they taste very bitter. 1.Place lavender in a… Read More »

Ukrainian birthday A4 size gift wrap free to download and print

Free to download and print these A4 size Ukrainian gift-wrap designs suitable for wrapping small gifts. A3 size prints available from our store. Download A4 size Download A4 size Download A4 size Download A4 size

Free Ukrainian Birthday bunting or make your own banner

Create your own Ukrainian banner for free, download letters then with a hole punch make a couple of holes on top of each letter then thread together and hang up 1. Print and cut out each letter. 2. Make 2 holes along the top. 3. Thread with string or ribbon. Download Bunting Download Bunting

Free Ukrainian cyrillic fonts for private or commercial use

free Ukrainian Cyrillic fonts

Download free Ukrainian fonts for private or commercial use with full character set including; Г, г, Ї, ї often found missing on other Cyrillic fonts. Just download, unzip and install, on Windows just right click and select ‘install’, suitable for Linux and Apple too, search google or bing for help.   Free fonts on this… Read More »

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter egg color meanings

White Signified purity, light, rejoicing, virginity, innocence, and birth Black A sacred color, it represents absolute, constancy, eternity or the womb, associated with the “other world,” and death but not in a negative sense. Red Positive color signifying action, fire, charity, spiritual awakening also the sun and the joy of life and love and the… Read More »

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter egg color order

There are an almost innumerable number of dye sequences that can be created, as there are some many different colors of dye today. Most traditional pysankarky worked with a limited palette, as they used natural dyes and didn’t have as much to choose from as we do today. Most traditional pysanky had only a few… Read More »