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Lavender infused Ukrainian vodka recipe

Best time to pick lavender is when a third of the flower has opened and third about to open and a third still unopened.

Always use Culinary lavender like  Lavandula angustifolia (sometimes sold as L. officinalis or L. vera), Hidcote or L. intermedia. Never use a decorative lavender as they taste very bitter.

1.Place lavender in a clean jar. Using a wooden spoon, lightly crush lavender flowers against the side of the jar after adding vodka.

2.Cover jar tightly with a non metallic lid (or cover jar with plastic wrap and tightly seal with a metal lid). Let stand in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks.

3.Pour vodka through a fine mesh sieve to remove all solids. Pour  infused vodka in a bottle and store in the fridge for up to two months

culinary lavender to flavor vodka