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Pysanky Ukrainian Easter egg color meanings


Signified purity, light, rejoicing, virginity, innocence, and birth


A sacred color, it represents absolute, constancy, eternity or the womb, associated with the “other world,” and death but not in a negative sense.


Positive color signifying action, fire, charity, spiritual awakening also the sun and the joy of life and love and the hope of marriage. In the Christian symbolism, it denotes the divine love and passion of Christ.


Color of Christmas, Easter and Epiphany it reperesents breaking of shackles, freedom from bondage and the color of fertility, freshness, health and hopefulness. In the Christian context, it represents bountifulness, hope and the victory of life over death.


Used sparingly it signifies the blue skies, life-giving air and good health. Also symbolizes truth, fidelity, higher life and trust.


Light, purity, youth, happiness, the harvest, hospitality, love and benevolence and is the Christian symbol of recognition and reward.


Endurance, strength, worthy ambition also the color of fire and flame. It represents the red of passion with the yellow of wisdom and a symbol of the golden, everlasting sun.


Fasting, faith, patience and trust.


Color of mother earth, bringing life and gifts.